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Hal Shevers and Sporty's Pilot Shop

It was 1961 and Hal Shevers was a flight instructor at Cincinnati's Lunken Airport. Hal, the Entrepreneur began selling supplies to his student pilots. His good idea has turned platinum for him? Many of us start a small business based on needs of the people we have around us. With Hal, the product was an air band radio.

When I first came to Cincinnati in 1963 with Lake Central Airlines, I remember that Sporty's was just getting started good. It was located in the terminal building where the Flight Depot now exists. Later, I recall Sporty's being located across from the Terminal on Wilmer Avenue at the corner of Airport Road. Sporty's existed in this location until 1990.

By this time Sporty's Academy (1987) had been started to develop aviation courses including videos for pilots. Sporty's wanted to teach pilots everything there was to know about flight from the very basics to the complex including Weather, Safety and Air Traffic Control. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Foundation had already been working with Hal to develop their their three-day ground schools so Hal was more than ready to step out with his own branding.

-Charlie Pyles-

 I started my own business in much the same way selling photo business cards to pilots during a 35.5 year airline load control agent career. See