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Raven Rock Airport

One of our members brought forward some information about this airport pointing to an on line video site that was a spoof. After I did some digging, I learned that the spoof contained some good information and that's what I'll share with you.

Raven Rock airport was apparently used as early as 1912 when airships must have visited from time to time. There is reference to such a visit in Roy E. Vastine's 'A History of Scioto County' c1986.

Raven Rock Airport developed over the years in a valley along the Ohio River below a local landmark with the same name. Below is a photo of the airport during a dedication of the airport probably around 1928 according to the caption.

 Dedication of Raven Rock AIrport c.1928

You can see a Curtiss-Wright Company Ford Tri-Motor operating on the runway in this photo and a good sized crowd lined up along the runway. This photo is taken from atop the landmark looking down on the airport.

Raven Rock remained in operation through 1957 when the new Portsmouth Scioto County Airport opened just North of town in the community of Minford. A 4,300' runway opened to traffic in the new modern day facility. This happens to be the airport where I started my own airline career with Lake Central Airlines September 10th, 1963.

More information is needed about Raven Rock and the Airport at Minford. If you have photos or stories you're willing to share, please contact me by clicking here. I have more information on Raven Rock including pictures when I get permission to use them.